Ensuring proper care for costume jewellery is always much easier than trying to salvage them from any damage or tarnishing. Wear and tear is inevitable from constant use, improper handling or storage. Our jewellery pieces are made using high quality materials that generally slow down tarnishing and are hardy to prevent breakage. However, we have little control over how the pieces are handled and stored once they leave our TLC. Here's how you can keep your Neuve pieces looking pristine for a long time to come.

  • Avoid contact with harsh detergents, lotions and perfumes.
  • Do not wear your Neuve jewellery into the pool. Chlorine and salt in the water can cause them to tarnish faster.
  • While most of our jewellery can be worn into the shower, we recommend you remove them and dry them properly. 
  • Store your jewellery in zip-lock bags when not in use. It is an effective way of keeping your jewellery away from dust and air which can cause oxidation.
  • Give your jewellery a simple wipe-down with a soft dry cloth or tissue to remove dust, moisture and oils.